Bing Energy Named Finalist for Sustainable Florida Award

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Bing Energy International, a pioneer in efforts to revolutionize the production of power by creating a new generation of hydrogen fuel cells, today learned it has been named a finalist for a 2012 Sustainable Florida Best Practice Award. The Tallahassee-based company’s selection as a finalist in the Small Business category reflects its leading role in the development of less expensive, smaller, lighter and more durable hydrogen fuel cells, breakthrough technology that could transform the way power is generated.

The positive environmental implications for such a sustainable energy source are unlimited, since establishing fuel cells as a viable option for mass-market use would transform both transportation and distributed power generation. With viable, affordable fuel cells, Florida and the nation could break their addiction to environmentally hostile petroleum-based fuel sources. 

“We are excited to be recognized for our groundbreaking work on next-generation fuel cell technology, which will transform energy production and sustain our planet’s resources,” said Dean Minardi, chief financial officer for Bing Energy International. “Hydrogen is one of the lynchpins of the third industrial revolution – energy – and it holds the promise of answering one of the most important challenges facing the planet.”

Bing Energy has contracted for exclusive use of innovative nanotechnology developed at the Florida A&M University-Florida State University College of Engineering, and is taking actions across the globe to turn this innovation into a real-world answer to the environmental challenges of everyday energy production.

Fuel cell technology is widely regarded as the way of the future for an energy-dependent nation and world. Fuel cells convert hydrogen and oxygen into electricity – quietly and efficiently – and the only other byproduct is pure water. It has been estimated that a motor vehicle engine powered by a fuel cell is 3.2 times more energy-efficient than a gasoline-powered vehicle and 2.5 times more energy-efficient than an electric vehicle, once the entire power generation process is factored in. Fuel cells also do not produce the harmful emissions associated with internal combustion engines.

The Sustainable Florida Best Practice Awards recognize businesses, organizations and individuals for their dynamic work in helping to create a sustainable Florida. Finalists were named in the following categories: small business, large business, government, non-profit, “green” building, partnership and leadership. Winners will be announced at a ceremony September 13.